What is web hosting? And where to buy it? All information in English ?

What is web hosting?  And where to buy it? All information in English ?

Friends, today I will tell you what is web hosting and where to buy it guys. In previous post I told you about blogging and all the information related to it and today we will know hosting because people who do blogging are very much about hosting.  Well know because it is a part of blogging which is very important.

Friends, what is web hosting, it is very big to have a website of your own, it is not a matter of everyone to maintain the website, because it is very difficult work, for this it should be better knowledge because it is very important.

To make friends website, many things have to be kept in mind such as having a domain name and hosting for your website is very important.  With the help of which you can identify your website.

But friends who are new to the world of blogging do not know the meaning of costing, so let me tell you that if you want more information, then read my post completely.

This will help you a lot.  And you will not be able to choose any wrong hosting and because of this, you will already know about all the problems.

So friends, in today's post, I am going to tell you what hosting means and you will get all the information related to hosting.  Like how many types of hosting are there, how to choose the right hosting for your website, etc. All the information you are going to get in today's post, my friends, this post is very interesting if you also want to blogging, then for hosting and domain name  You should know about that only then you can do blogging properly.

What is web hosting?

Friends web hosting works to provide space and service to all websites in the Internet, that is why any person can access the organization's website with the help of Internet and place it all over the world.

Example: - Such as storing the file, image, video, of your website in a special computer, which we call a web service.

And that computer is connected to the Internet all the time, so many companies provide web hosting services 24 hours like-





And we also call it web host.

Where to buy web hosting?

Friends, now we will talk about where to buy web hosting, then let me tell you that there are many companies in the world who keep Pvovide hosting better than best friends. If you want all your digital to be from India, then India for you  Buying hosting will be very good because the server away from your hosting will be as far away from your country as you will have the same problem in accessing the website.

But if you buy hosting from all the web hosting providers of your India, then you will not need a credit card because you can also buy through your ATM card or internet banking and once you buy the hosting, you can easily buy it.  You can access by associating with your domain name as you will get some website names which are trustworthy for you and also provide good service.

◆ Godday

◆ Hostgator india

◆ Bluehost

◆ Bigrock

Friends, let me tell you that our blog is running in Honsting India because World Press also recommands the World Press Company BlueHost for the blog, who can take other hosting if they want.

How does web hosting work?

Friends, you all know what web hosting is and where to buy web hosting. Now I am going to tell you how web hosting works, so let's go ahead and know.

Friends, whenever we create our website, we think that we should share our knowledge and information with people because for that first thing we have to upload files to web hosting.

Friends, whenever an internet user searches your domain name on your web browser, then the internet connects your domain name with the web service where the file of your website is already stored.

After adding friends, the entire information of the website goes into another computer from where the user views the page according to his needs and gets the information.

Let me tell you that the domain name Syatem has to be used to connect the domain name to the hosting, this lets the domain know which web server your website is placed in because the DNS of each server is different.  is.

Which company to buy hosting from?

 Friends, if you want to buy web hosting, then you will get a lot of options for this, which you will have to decide which company will be right for you according to your needs. You should have some information before buying Hosting.

Customer service: -

Friends, every hosting company says that it provides 24 Hour Customer Service, but it does not happen, all the hosting service uses are they provide the best customer service Hostgator. For godaddy customer service you have to talk on the phone which is not free.  is.

Uptime: -

The amount of time your website remains online or available is also called Uptime. Sometimes your website gets down due to some problem. We call it Downtime. Today, every company gives 99.99% Uptime Guarantee.

Disk Space: -

Friends, there is disk space. The storage capacity of your hosting is in your computer like 500GB and 1TB space. The storage is also in the same way, if you buy hosting with unlimited disk space, then you never run the risk of getting full disk.

Bandwidth: -

And in a second, how much data can be accessed from your website, we call it bandwidth. When someone accesses your website, your server uses some data to share information if your bandwidth is low and your website  When more Visitor accesses, your website is down.

What are the types of web hosting?

Friends, you have obtained some information about web hosting, but now we will know how many types of web hosting are there, because it is also as important for you as the rest of the information, friends web hosting is the most used in recent times.  And web hosting are basically of three types such as-

1).  VPS (Virtual Private Server)

2).  Cloud Web Hosting

3).  Shared Web Hosting

4).  Dedicated Hosting

Friends, I hope that I have given you all the information related to web hosting such as what is that hosting?  What are the types of web hosting?  Where to buy web hosting?  And how does web hosting work?  Etc. She must have liked you.


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