What is a domain name? What are the types of domains? All information in English ?

What is a domain name?  What are the types of domains?  All information in English ?

Hello friends, today we will talk about what is a domain name, so today I am going to give you all the information related to the domain in this post, today we will know what is a domain, why a domain is required.  What are the types of domains.  Etc. All the information related to this will be found in this post, friends, if you also blogging, then you must know about the domain.

If you still do not know what the domain is.  So you do not have to panic.  You will get all the information in this post today, friends, read my post completely for more information, I hope that you all will definitely like my post.

Friends, first of all we will talk about what is a domain name, before I tell you that people who are blogging must know what the domain is and what is required, then it is very much needed, so let us go ahead  And know that domain has remained on my post for more and more information?

What is a domain name ?

What is the name of your website of friends domain. Domain name is the address where Internet users can access your website. Friends are the domain name used to search websites on the Internet. The number of computers that use the IP address is a number of  A chain is a domain name can be any combination of letters and all numbers, and is used for different DOMAIN name extensions such as .Com.  This is done in net etc.

Friends, domain name registration must be done before using it. Each domain name is unique. Friends. The domain name of each website is different but the dominance of two websites is not the same if any WWW.  When you type computerhindinotes.Com, it will go on your website and not on any other website.

Friends, as far as we know, domain names are used a lot in the world, especially in the world of network and data operations.  Let me tell you how it works and how it is used.

◆ Friends domain name consists of two parts separated by a dot such as Axampal.com

◆ and domain names can also be used to identify a single IP address or group of IP addresses.

◆ A host or organization can use domain names as alternative names that are domain names alphanumeric "unlike all numbers" and are easy to remember.

◆ Friends The domain name is used as part of the URL to identify any website.

The part to follow  Friends Dot is the Top Level Domain (TLD) or group which is the domain name eg .gov TLD for US Government Domains.

What are the types of domains?

Friends, if this is the case, there are three types of domains, top level domains, second level domains, and third level domains, but there are other types of domains including country code top level domains.

1).  Top Level Domain
2).  Second Level Domain
3).  Third Level Domain

1).  Top Level Domains: -

Friends top level domain name has more value because it gives more priority to Google search engine and other search engine top level domain as each domain does not end up with a top level domain name like in Catchhow.com  .com is a top level domain.

◆ .Org (Organization Sites)
◆ .Com (Commercial Sites)
◆ .Edu (Education Sites)
◆ .Gov (Government Sites)

2).  Second Level Domain: -

Friends second level domain is taken first which is a kind of name like Cachhow.com has Cachhow second level domain and .Com is top level domain.

Country Code Top Level Domain [CCTLD]

Friends country code top level domain is also a kind of top level domain, the difference is that if someone buys domains of this level, then anyone can see which country your website belongs to which country code level domains  Choose your target country is a specific country, if you want and any user you get from India, then you can buy .in domain like-

◆ .In (India)
◆ .Br (Brazil)
◆ .Us (United States)

3).  Third Level Domain: -

Friends, this third level domain comes first. The second level domain comes first, which we also call a subdomain, friends, you can create a subdomain for free, you will not need to buy anything, if you have a domain, then you can easily create a subdomain such as-

Third Level Domain, Second Level
Domain, Top Level Domain

Why do you need a domain name?

Friends, your domain name on the Internet makes your website uniquely identifiable. Any individual business and its organization should invest in domain names by planning a presence on the Internet. Having your own Dominic website and email address will help you and your business.  Professional form is found which is another reason for a business to register domain names to protect copyright and trademarks, which make it very special, and increase its brand awareness, and also the status of its search engine.

So friends, now you have understood what is a domain name and what are the types of domains. After the domain, friends, you will need to know about web hosting, because it is also very important for you friends if you want to go about web hosting.  You will find his link below, now you can take complete information of web hosting from there.

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