What is blogging? And how to do blogging? Learn how to earn money by blogging ?

What is blogging?  How to make money from blogging?  All information in English.

Hello guys, in this post today.  I have brought a very good topic for you so that you can earn money from home comfortably, friends, you must have heard about what blogging is and today I am going to tell you about it.

Friends, you will get all the information related to blogging, hope that you will definitely like this post, Friends, stay till the last of this post for more information.

Friends, today I will tell you what is blogging?  And how to earn money in this, first of all, start reading posts in it, friends, if you also want to blogging, then you will not need any other job, then you can earn so much money every month that you can do as much work as you can for a year.  I will not be able to earn even.

But before that, let me tell you that there can be as much problem as there is money in blogging, friends, in blogging, you have to take care of some things which I am going to tell you further, first of all let us know what blogging is and  How to make money from blogging.

What is blogging?  And how to do blogging?  Learn how to earn money by blogging. ?

Friends, you must have heard about your blogging, then you must have seen this on social media too. Friends, you will find a lot of videos related to blogging on YouTube as well and even if you do not know about blogging then I will tell you about blogging.  I am going to give complete information so that you can make money by blogging.

What is a blog?

Friends blogs are the place where people keep their thoughts where you go to Google and search for anything and whatever website you find below is called block.

A blog is a website of sorts.  Those who keep posting posts in it, friends, a lot of posts are put in it like my website which is one of the best example of block for all of you.

Friends, I am going to tell you all that you can earn money by blogging like everyone is earning.

Friends, first of all we will know what is a blogger and who is a blogger.

What is Blogger?

Friends, do you know what a blog is and blogging is the work that people will have to post on you continuously, in this you have to put a post constantly, which means that you are blogging.

Who is a blogger?

Friends blogger is a person who writes a blog and you can see that I write posts here everyday is a very big example for you and it means that I am a blogger.

Friends, being a good blogger is not an easy thing. To be a good blogger, it is very important to have complete knowledge of your field.  And to be a blogger, it is not necessary that you have coding.

 How to start blogging?

Friends, to start a good blogging, you do not need to do much, but in this field you should have some knowledge about which you can bring your blog to the whole world in the best way about it.  I will tell you in the next post through which you can rank in Google which you can reach your contact people.

To start a blog, two things are most important which is very important for this.
1).  Domain
2).  Hosting

1).  Domain: - Friends Domin means a web address through which you can show any blog or website on the Internet.  (As if you are watching this blog Imbeginner. In.) This is called doming.

Friends, if you also want to buy Tom, then for this you can invest from 99 to 1500 rupees, there are many websites from where you can buy domains such as -
★ Bigrock
★ Namecheap
★ GoDaddy
★ Google Domain

2).  Hosting (Honsting): - 
Friends, now I will talk about hosting. After this, a hosting is required where there is online storage of hosting. On friends casting, we can do any contact such as- Video, Images, Text, Audio, Pdf, etc.  Can keep

There are a lot of friends costing companies from where you can buy hosting for your blog and Digital Ocean is your best to buy sting.  Friends is also a hosting provider.  Such as-
★ AWS (Amazon)
★ Digital Ocean
★ GoDaddy
★ Bluehost

What are the types of blogging?

There are two types of blogging friends.
1).  Event Blogging
2).  Permanent Blogging

1).  Event Blogging: -

★ Friends This type of blogging style is done for a few days.

★ Content and articles have to be put less which has to do more to spread it to more people.

★ And usually a lot of money is earned in this and also in a short period of time.

★ Friends, if it does not work, then all your money can sink.

★ And at the same time, knowledge is required to make it, you should already have people to follow you.

★ so that if you share anything with them, it becomes viral overnight.

2).  Permanent Blogging: -

★ Friends, it takes a lot of hard work and you have to post lots of posts.

★ And together you have to wait a lot because once a good block is created there will be no problem of any kind.

★ Such a website gives you the money you earn throughout your life, which people usually use this blogging more to earn more money in less time

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