What are the types of web hosting ?

What are the types of web hosting?

Friends in this post today.  I am going to tell you how many types of hosting are there and what are the advantages and disadvantages of hosting. Friends, what is hosting and where to buy it, I have told you, I will give its gender in the bottom. What hosting you from there.  You can take all the information about it.

So we are going to talk about how many types of hosting are there, so let us go ahead and know what are the types of hosting and what are its advantages and disadvantages Friends, I hope you will like this post more than me.  Stay up to the last post for details.

What are the types of web hosting?

It is very important for you to know the types of web hosting friends.  By the way let me tell you that there are other types of hosting but about some special hosting.  I am going to tell you such as:

 1).  Share web hosting.

 2).  Dedicated Web Hosting.

 3).  Cloud web hosting.

 4).  Virtual Private Server Hosting.

Friends, as you have seen that there is something special about honking.  I am going to tell you, so let us know about it in detail and at the same time we will know what are its advantages and disadvantages.

1).  Share web hosting

Friends share web hosting means sharing hosting is a server which keeps many websites joined together and it shares all website hosting.


Just as living with some people in one room and sharing the rent among them, web hosting also works in this way there is a server and there are thousands of websites and each website has its own - rent to the web hosting company.  Let's say that the hosting company has a great advantage of doing this and it also has its disadvantages, about which we will know below.

Advantages of share web hosting: -

The first advantage of Friends Share Hosting is that this hosting is very cheap and it is the best hosting for the new blogger.  Any blogger can use this hosting.

Disadvantages of share web hosting: -

Friends, if your website becomes popular then this hosting slows down your website speed and cannot handle high traffic as it is considered good for new blogger, it is less traffic in new block and later share hosting  Can change when your blog or website starts getting more traffic.

2).  Dedicated Web Hosting

Friends, a complete server is yours in this type of hosting.  Which is in your favor only, that means in this hosting you have your own server which can only contain files, photos, and videos of your website.

Advantages of dedicated web hosting: -

So the biggest advantage in this is that the hosting can handle any high traffic, this hosting is very secure and it also gives high performance.

Disadvantages of Dedicated Web Hosting: -

It is very expensive, it can not buy new blogs because it is for much traffic.

 3).  Cloud web hosting

Friends is the most reliable cloud web hosting because it keeps a lot of servers together and is like a cloud which benefits that the site is very little to no down, and handles high traffic easily.  Can do.

Benefits of cloud hosting: -

There is less chance even after its server is down and it can handle high traffic easily and it has many servers at the same time like cloud which benefits it.

Disadvantages of cloud hosting: -

The disadvantage of cloud hosting is that it is not able to root the cloud website and these hosting are also expensive.

 4).  Virtual Private Server Hosting.

Friends, now we talk about virtual private server hosting, so we can also call it VPS Hosting because in a building there are many rooms i.e. the room that you live in it and in that room you only have the right.  VPS hosting is also similar in that there is a server in which there is a server which is divided into different parts and all of these parts have your website or blog, which part cannot have many other websites in your private server.  And you do not need to share it with anyone else.

Advantages of Virtual Private Server Hosting: -

Friends, this hosting is very secure and it also gives good performance, it can handle more traffic than share hosting and it has very good chances, it will benefit you a lot.

Disadvantages of Virtual Private Server Hosting: -

It is costlier than share hosting.  And not everyone can buy it.

Friends, you must have now understood how different types of hoisting are.  What are its advantages and disadvantages, friends, if you have not understood anything related to honking, then you can ask in the comment box.

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