Ges Insurance? Get 50 Lakhs with LPG Cylinder?

Ges Insurance?  Get 50 Lakhs with LPG Cylinder?

Know the rights associated with LPG cylinders (LPG)?  You never tell the distributor this thing?

Friends, today we are going to talk about gas insurance, there are many rights of friends consumer whose information is not given to us because it is the responsibility of the distributor to give the right information to the consumer and help him.

Friends, in the present time, we should be aware of the smallest things, because we have some benefits on getting insurance. There are many types of insurance which we will keep talking about further, but the topic on which we are talking today is full information.  For you stay till the last of our posts, I hope you will like this post.

Friends Consumers have done many such rights, we are not aware of this because you know that people using LPG gas have insurance up to ₹ 50 lakh which is absolutely true and no  When the consumer takes a gas connection, it is insured but the company does not give us information about it nor does the consumer try to go to their right now.

According to the website of the Friends Gas Company, insurance cover is available for loss of life and property in any type of accident caused by a cylinder, because some people are not able to claim it even if they are not aware of it.

Insurance up to 50 lakhs?

Friends, when buying LPG cylinders, his insurance insurance becomes his insurance insurance which is linked to expiry of up to ₹ 50 lakhs or insurance genders as most people buy cylinders without checking the expiry date of the cylinder and take a gas connection.  The consumer gets accident insurance up to Rs 40 lakhs, which can claim the victim insurance in case of an accident from a gas cylinder.


And with him, there is a provision to give 50 lakh rupees in case of all accidents, then friends, let us go ahead and know who bears the cost.

Who picks up?  Expenses

The entire cost of insurance on LPG cylinders is borne by the entire cost of the entire cost of the oil company. In case of accident, the customer is not charged any premium amount from the distributor and the consumer within 30 days against the insurance insurance because the cylinder is named  But it is only the person who has the benefit of insurance, even the consumer cannot make a nominee in this policy, who spends the entire cost of the insurance policy on PSU Oil Company, Indian Oil, HPSL, BPSL, Vehicles.

Friends, you have yet to know that there is a profit of up to 50 lakhs on getting insurance done and who is going to spend it together, now we are going to talk about who gives insurance claims and claims.  For what is necessary, then let us keep the post consistent and we move forward.

What is needed to claim?

To claim friends, a copy of the FIR (registered) at the police station, medical receipt will, post mortem report, and death certificate is required, which is very important for your claim to be claimed.

Who gives  Insurance Claim.

So friends inform the oil company and the insurance company related to the distributor, which helps the distributor to complete the formalities required for the claim and it is the responsibility of the distributor to give the correct information to the consumer.

And help all the customers who register Indane and HP Gas are insured for the accident caused by LPG gas at their registered location.

Friends Distributor and Customer Service have all the details that can be claimed if a cylinder breaks or an incident occurs in the consumer's preferences.

When won't you get a claim?

★ So friends, now we will talk about when you will not get the claim and it is very important for you to know.  So friends do not get insurance cover even after claiming under certain circumstances.

★ Because if there is no pipe, regulator, stove, ISI mark, then claim is not available.

★ And claims are not given even if the gas stove, pipe has not been examined for a long time, you will not get insurance if the claim is not made within 30 days of the accident.

Conclusions: -

So friends, I hope that you have understood very well how important gas insurance is for us, friends, you should be aware of all these small things because most of the people are using gas in the present time and in every house you  If you will get gas, then it is most important for you friends that you should know what you are going to get by getting gas insurance.

Friends, how did you like my post today, let me know by commenting, I hope that you have understood all the information well, if you still have any confusion then you can ask by commenting in the comment box.


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