What is insurance and what are the types of it ?

What is insurance and what are the types of it?

Friends insurance works in the future to deal with the possibility of any loss or its impact weapon, friends, no one knows what will happen in the coming tomorrow, so many people first to secure their future through insurance policy.  It takes effort.

Friends insurance means protection from risk and if an insurance company insures a person, then the insurance company will compensate for the financial loss caused to that person.

Similarly, if the insurance company has insured a smartphone home or car, the insurance company gives compensation to its owner according to the panic in case of loss or breakdown of that thing.

Friends insurance is actually a contract between the insurance company and the insured who takes a fixed amount (premium) from the insurer insured like a contact and damages the person or company in the event of any loss according to the policy.  is.

What are the types of insurance?

Friends are usually of two types of insurance.  Life insurance and general insurance.

 1).  Life Insurance
 2).  General Insurance

1).  But in Life Insurance, a person's life is insured such as: -

Life Life Insurance: -

Life insurance means that after the death of the person who bought the insurance policy, his dependent gets compensation from the insurance company and if the head of his family dies untimely then it is difficult to maintain the house expenses.  It is important to get a life insurance policy to save the main person's wife / child / parents etc. from financial crisis.
 In the financial plan, it is suggested to buy the life insurance policy of any person first.

 2).  General insurance includes vehicles, houses, animals, crop health insurance, etc.

Home Home Insurance: -

Friends, first of all if you insure your house with an insurance company, then you have protection of the house in it. If you have any kind of damage to your house after purchasing an insurance policy, then the damages will be paid by the insurance company  is.

Like insurance policy covers for coverage or protection from any kind of damage to your house. Damage from natural disaster to the house includes damage due to earthquake, celestial lightning flood, etc. theft of your house, fire fighting etc.  Due to this also is involved in the loss of the house.

Mot Motar Insurance: -

According to the law it is very important to insure any vehicle on the road in India. If you do not get your vehicle insured or insured, then the traffic police can fine you while driving on the road.

And according to the motor or vehicle insurance policy, the insurance company will not give compensation for any damage to the vehicle, if your vehicle is stolen or it gets an accident, then the auto insurance policy can help you a lot but for that you will get auto insurance  It is very important for you to get it done.

An auto insurance policy benefits the most when a person gets hurt or dies from the vehicle, it is covered by Therd Party Insurance and if you have any two wheeled three wheeler or  If there is any car etc., it should be insured.

◆ Crap Insurance: -

Friends, according to the current rules, every farmer who takes an agricultural loan is required to buy crop insurance. Under the crop insurance policy, the insurance company gives compensation to the farmer if there is any damage to the crop if there is a fire under the crop insurance policy.  If the crop gets spoiled due to flood or due to some disease, then compensation is given by the insurance company.

And because of being very strict with crop insurance policy and not getting compensation for the cost, farmers do not have much enthusiasm for crop insurance but in fact insurance companies are present around that farm to give compensation in case of crop failure.  All farms are surveyed and compensation is given only when it damages the crop of most farmers.

◆ Health Insurance ?

 Friends, now comes the point of health insurance scheme, nowadays the expenses of treatment are increasing very fast and at the same time, on getting health insurance, the insurance company pays for the treatment of the sickness, the insurance company under the health insurance policy, any kind of disease  But the amount of money spent for treatment depends on your health insurance policy.

Travel Travel Insurance ?

Friends, this is a type of insurance known as travel insurance.  Travel insurance is to protect you from accident or loss during a trip, if a person goes abroad for work or traveling, then he gets lost in case of injury or accident or any other thing.  The insurance company compensates him in case of an accident. Travel insurance policies are from the beginning of your journey to the end of the journey. The condition of different insurance companies may vary for the insurance policy.

Business Business Liability Insurance ?

Friends, Liability Insurance is actually done to compensate the loss to the customer from the functioning of a company or its product, and in some cases the entire cost of the penalty and law enforcement imposed on the company will have to be borne by the insurance company that does the Liability Insurance.  is.

Friends, if you also want to insure and if you do not understand, then there is nothing to worry friends, I have told you in this post how many types of insurance are there.  Accordingly, you can get your insurance done.  Friends, I hope that you would have liked what my present post insurance is today and how many types of insurance are there.

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