How to run another's WhatsApp on your mobile ?

How to run another's WhatsApp on your mobile?

Hey friends, all of you are welcome in this new post, in this post of friends today, I will tell you how you can see anyone's WhatsApp in your phone, you can play it in your phone, yes friends if you all have someone  If you want to run in your phone, then you have to read this article very carefully till the last and you have to follow the step which I will tell you all, only then you can run WhatsApp of anyone in your phone.

Friends, it is not so easy to run someone else's WhatsApp, but friends, today I will tell you one such amazing trick that you can run anyone's WhatsApp in your phone with the help of that trick, friends, you don't have to use it wrong.  If you use any of it wrongly, then all of you will be responsible for it.

Friends all of someone else's WhatsApp s.m.s.  Chat Status Video Calling Audio Calling Everything if you all want to watch live from your mobile, then you all read this post very carefully, only then you will be able to play anyone's WhatsApp in your phone.

Friends, if you want to run someone's WhatsApp in your phone, for that you will need an application called WhatsApp Web, with its help, you can all run on someone's WhatsApp in your phone, Whats Web App, Whats Whats Web App  How to use whats app and how to download all the steps, I will tell you below

What are web whats apps?

Friends, if your mobile gets spoiled by WhatsApp, or if all of you have to keep an eye on your friend or girlfriend, then you can use all Whats Web, you can scan all your WhatsApp on your mobile.  Can run in

How to downlod whats web application?

You can download the friends application in all two to 3 ways, which I will tell you the method, which you will find the most simple way, you can download it from there.

step 1
Friends, the first thing is to open your phone's play store, in the top right site you will see the scarch's option, you have to click on it and there you have to write what web and downlod it from there.

To download the Whats Friends, I will give you a link to the Mac download button, all you have to do is click on it and download the Whats Web app.

To download all the Whats Friends, you have to search on all YouTube by writing Whats Web, you will find a lot of videos and a link will be found in the description of that video, from there you can all download it.

How to use Whats Web App ?

Friends, first of all, you have to open it in your phone, after opening, you will see 4 options, you have to click on the first option, you have to click on what is on the web, after that you have to allow whatever permission you ask for.

Friends, after that you will get the QR code to scan friends, in whose phone someone's WhatsApp is running, you have to do this work in the phone and whose WhatsApp is running in your phone, you have to download the WhatsApp

Friends, after that you have to take his phone and open WhatsApp and click on the three dot and click on the option that is on the web and your camera will open there, all of you have to scan that WhatsApp again.

As soon as the QR code gets scanned, now its WhatsApp will open in your phone and you will be able to see all of your sms status voice calls, video calls, everything in your phone.

Friends, in this way you can open WhatsApp on your phone to anyone, friends, how did you like this post, all of you can tell me by commenting

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