How to get free diamonds in free fire ?

Hello friends, if you all play free fire games, then all of you are in great need of diamond, then if you all want diamond in free fire for free, then all of you must read this step step by step and till the last  I have to understand, I will tell you an amazing way by which all of you can take diamond for free in free fire.

How to get unlimited diamonds in free fire ?

Friends play free fire games most children who do not have money and are in great need of diamonds because they get many other things from emots new event dj alok korono character in the game.

Friends, to get the diamond, you have to top up your free fire account or else you will get some kind of lead code or something like that only then you will be able to get the diamond, then friends, how can you get the diamond for free today.

To get the diamond for free, all of you have to download an application, you will be able to make all the money with friends from the application and from top up with the money you will be able to plan all the diamonds or the friends give you money in the way of life through the application.  All of you can top up very easily, what is the name of the application of friends, how do you use all the things, I will tell you step by step below, all of you will follow, then you will also be able to get the diamond for free.

Redeem Code👇👇

The name of the friend application is Rozdhan which gives a lot of money in which you will first get a pain of ₹ 50 after downloading and if you all get someone else to download through your referral, then you can collect money in this way.  Huh

What is Rozdhan app?

 Friends, all of you can turn on a lot more money from the Rozdhan app, if you download it in your phone, then you will be given a bonus of ₹ 50 as a program and if you all share it on WhatsApp on Facebook and the more people  You will get money according to that download, Rozdhan app is an application.

How to downlod Rozdhan App?

To download the Rozdhan application, I will tell you two to three ways that you can easily download all of them.
First Way :-
Friends, first of all, you have to open your phone's play store, enter it there, daily meditation friends, the first application that will come from you, you have to download it from there, its rating will be the highest, you have to download the same application.


Second Way: -
Friends, I will not give a link to the check download button, from which you click, you will go directly to the play store and you will be able to download that app from there.

Third way: -
Friends, if you do not find both of these ways correct, then you have to search Youtube, you will get a lot of videos, you can download that app from its description.

How to use Rozdhan app?

Step: - 1
After installing the Rozdhan app, first of all you have to open it in your phone, as soon as you open it, you have to tolerate it, you have to create an account like you can do it with Facebook or with Gmail ID or from Google account you can there.  Can you sing on

Step: - 2
After that all of you have to enter your mobile number

Step: - 3
Friends, after that you have to go to the income option

Step: - 4
There you will see the earn more option, you have to click on it, after going into it, you will get the option of add invoice code, there you have to intervene the invite code.

Step: - 5
All of you have to share the invoice code from friends on your WhatsApp, so that you will get 1220 points, it will not earn you ₹ 1 and in the same way you can make money by inviting them all.
Step: - 6
Friends, after being ₹ 200, you can transfer to your Paytm wallet, friends cannot transfer less than Rs.
 So friends, all of you can turn on the money with the lighted application in this way and top up for free fire.

Conclusions: -
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